Blonde Is Back

Cortney Lindquist

Blonde wood flooring is one flooring trend that used to be modern, but then it started losing popularity to more contemporary hues. However, this flooring shade is making a comeback, thanks to various new options for today's homeowners. 

Why Choose Blonde Wood Flooring?

Choosing blonde wood flooring will make your home look clean, open, and beautiful. There are many updated versions of blonde-colored wood today that will bring uniqueness and durability to your space.

One major advantage of choosing light colors for your floors is that if you are short on space, or you have low ceilings, blonde wood floors can make the space look much larger. 

Another good reason to try this color is that it’s a neutral tone that goes well with many different styles. Whether you like contemporary looks or you prefer a more rustic style, blonde wood flooring goes great with various décor. It also complements almost any paint color.

Choosing the Right Blonde Shade

A blonde brushed oak will give your wood flooring a distressed look and some warmer accents that will create a rustic appearance. For a more natural look, try hand-scraped flooring that will help hide dust and dirt and maximize durability. You can also choose the flooring that shows the wood’s natural knots and grain to get that rustic feel.

Cooler tones are a better option if you are going for a more modern look, while a warmer honey blonde is perfect for farmhouse-inspired homes. A European oak wood floor with a sandy blonde finish will make your home look both bright and warm.There are even bamboo blonde floors that can give you the color you like while being sustainable. 

No matter which look you prefer, the blonde color is definitely back in style! Don’t be afraid to try it, especially in smaller spaces. Blonde wood floors will give your home a warm feel and a light look, while hiding dirt better than many of the darker options.

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