Popular Hardwood Flooring Styles in 2020

Cortney Lindquist

While trends may come and go, hardwood flooring is timeless. But that doesn’t mean that hardwood floor trends stay completely the same. Every year, amazing new shapes, colors, and looks come out—and familiar styles see a resurgence in popularity.

2020 has been no different.

Dark Hardwood Floors

The darker color trend has been on the rise for several years now. However, people are moving away from “warm” red undertones toward “cool” browns without the reddish look.

Homeowners are increasingly contrasting dark floors with light-colored or white walls, making rooms feel bigger and brighter. 

Bright Hardwood Floors

The whitewashed flooring trend is back and growing in popularity. However, today’s whitewashed floors are tending to be more matte and subtle than in the past, getting the light brightness of the whitewashed look without sacrificing a natural feel. 

Unstained oak is also hot in 2020, providing an organic, raw look that can be a fantastic foundation on which you can add layers of color. European white oak, for example, offers a smooth grain that works wonderfully in “contemporary” interior designs.

A new preference we’re seeing is to reduce the yellow undertones in light-colored flooring, creating a brighter look. More and more, homeowners also are using painted floors to brighten utilitarian spaces where they spend much of their time (e.g., kitchens).

Gray and Gray Blends 

Whether with hardwood or luxury vinyl flooring, the use of gray has been on the rise. There are many gray tones and shades that offer a nice compromise between modern and rustic, fit well with a variety of tastes, and are great for resale because of their neutrality.

For the past couple of years, we’ve been increasingly seeing gray blended with light-brown tints for a gray and beige (often called greige) tone. But we’re also seeing variations where grays are subtly combined with dark browns or even blacks. The constant is the use of gray.

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