Creating Contrast with Hardwood Floors

Cortney Lindquist

Contrast is one of the most important concepts in interior design. Without it, even the most eye-catching details and elements might not be enough to save the design from looking flat. When you enter a memorable-looking space, the odds are that the first striking impression has been created by contrast.

If you use contrast well, it will be your secret weapon to make your home look fantastic. You can create it with colors, textures, materials, and even shapes. One way to incorporate just the right dose of contrast into a design is by using hardwood floors. Here’s how you can do it.

A Contrast of Color

Color contrasting is the easiest type of contrast to achieve, especially if hardwood floors are used as one of the elements. In those combinations, it’s usually a contrast of light and dark. For example, white oak floors with a lighter stain can be paired with matte black elements or dark floors matched with lighter décor. In some cases, there can be a contrast of complementary colors, such as pairing gray hardwood floors with pops of yellow throughout the room.

If you’re trying to mix different wood tones, make sure to know which one is the dominant one, and match the undertones. You can create contrast by incorporating both light and dark shades with the same undertones.

A Contrast of Texture

With its warm, natural texture, some species of hardwood are an ideal choice to contrast with smooth and cool stone — but that is just one idea for a contrast of texture. You can also mix and match different wood textures, opting to contrast a smooth-looking hardwood floor with more rugged décor elements or textured walls like brick. This can be especially striking if there is also a color contrast present.

Different textures are a good way to increase a room’s visual appeal and create an anchor for the eye. Designers often accomplish this effect by creating an eye-catching accent wall or a similar element meant to contrast with the rest of the interior.

A Contrast of Materials

When it comes to creating contrast by pairing different materials, that can also accomplish the color and texture contrast at the same time. Depending on how pronounced the different materials are in a design, this can create a striking effect that will elevate the room’s visual impact. Hardwood and stone are natural friends, but you can also mix and match materials on a smaller scale by incorporating area rugs and other design elements that can match well with hardwood.

You can bring the interior design of your home to a whole new level by keeping in mind how hardwood floors can create the contrast that every room needs. As an important element of your home’s appearance, choosing your hardwood floors takes some thought, but the final results are usually always worth it.

Here at Ralph’s, we’re happy to answer any questions you may have about which hardwood floors would be the right fit for your interior-design vision and lifestyle. Visit our showroom to see what we can offer!

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