Getting Just the Look You Want: "Victorian"

Rod Lorenz

Intricate hardwood floors help pull off the Victorian interior design style.Continuing with our series on using hardwood floors in interior design styles that are currently popular, we take a look at the time-tested Victorian style.

The Victorian Era (1837-1901) was a golden age of peace and prosperity for Britain, and it gave rise to a refined sense of style that’s still popular today.

Hardwood floors have always been an integral part of the Victorian look, which is built on elaborate ornamentation. In Queen Victoria’s time, a cutting-edge style was to install intricate parquet flooring as a border of several feet around an entire room, and then cover the center of the room with an elegant rug.

Hardwood floor borders are still widely used to create a Victorian look, and while borders can be beautiful without being parquet, the geometric details of parquet borders continue to appeal to many homeowners.

Ornately patterned rugs also remain a standard of the Victorian style, adding to the highly crafted feel of the look. Other creative ways to recall the ornateness of the Victorian era include having in-laid hardwood floor medallions installed and varying hardwood floor color to create visual stimulation.

The refined beauty of the Victorian Era isn’t a thing of the past. You can have it in your home, and it all starts with your floors. Please stop by our showroom or give us a call—we’re happy to discuss a Victorian look for your home.


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