The Importance of Having Your Flooring Installed Correctly

Rod Lorenz

It’s not just the material you chose that will determine how your wood floors will look. You also need a quality installer like Ralph’s Hardwoods to make sure your floors look as beautiful as possible. Precise installation is absolutely necessary to get the full potential and beauty of flooring. 

The average experience of our installation crew members is more than 15 years, and our company is also led by a National Wood Flooring Association Certified Installer. Our installers will impress you with their work because they know how to manage the five vital elements of installing new hardwood floors or refinishing old ones:

  • Temperature. Hardwood expands or contracts, depending on temperature, so installers have to be constantly aware of these fluctuations and adjust their methods accordingly.
  • Moisture. Humidity can lead to swelling, and installers must take it into account. Especially in new homes, humidity levels can be high, so we help our contractors by lending them commercial dehumidifiers in order to keep the moisture at optimum levels.
  • Species. The reaction to moisture and temperature variations differs among wood species, so it’s necessary to have knowledge of the specific behavior of each species.
  • Cut. Making a cut “just right,” is a special kind of art, so installing finished hardwood flooring requires an artist’s eye for aesthetics. 
  • Coordination with trades. Our installers coordinate with trusted trade professionals to ensure that installation is minimally disruptive and that it doesn’t suffer delays that can affect quality.

The Value of Experience and Care

A professional installer knows how long your project will take and knows how to get it done on time.

Proper preparation of your subfloor before installing hardwood is essential. If it’s not properly cleaned, or it is not flat or dry, your hardwood floor may end up needing further repairs or even reinstallation.

Our Installers have ten years of experience, on average. They understand that hardwood floor installation is an art, and they are committed to being the very best in their profession.

When an installer does a job, the result is completely their responsibility. We give them the authority to run the project as they see fit, and they look at it with an artist’s eye.

Good installers must be able to envision how a hardwood floor should look (always taking into account the customer’s preferences), and they should deeply care about the results. A good installer uses listening skills, judgment, and an artist’s intuition to give each customer what they want.

Our installers will meet with your salesperson before and during the project to understand everything that’s important to you in terms of scheduling and appearance. Also, during the project, our installers will gladly speak with you about anything that's on your mind.

They love the opportunity to make you happy. And it also makes them happy to install a beautiful floor that meets their high standards.

Would you like to talk with us about hardwood floors? We’re here to help. Contact us at 920-984-3383, 800-354-9902, or Showroom appointments are available.

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