The Perfectly Imperfect Allure of Distressed Wood

Rod Lorenz

Are you a fan of antique furniture? Do you appreciate the warm, comforting feel of a rustic interior? If so, the vintage look may be the look for your hardwood floors. Distressed wood captures all those elements projecting an interior that has survived and thrived through time.

It’s hard not to be drawn in by the natural beauty that has been created through years of wear and tear on the surface. Even the feel of walking on these floors is different because rather than an even surface, there are fissures and bumps under your feet.

The artistic and personal touch of hand-scraped hardwood floors

Hand-scraped floors tell a story and are undeniably different from factory-finished floors. One of the main reasons homeowners are so attracted to hand-scraped wood is the knowledge that it is manually scraped - giving it a very personal and customized feel.

On a hand-scraped hardwood floor, each plank will have its own unique pattern. Patterns are intricately placed  by highly skilled woodwork artists by hand to achieve a beautiful design.

The grainy and groovy personality of wire-brushed wood

Inconsistencies in hardwood flooring like scratches, discoloration, and even wormholes may seem like imperfections. But to the true lover of all things vintage, it's these so-called flaws that pique interest and add character. This is exactly what wire-brushed wood hopes to reveal.

Wire-brushed floors are created using a machine with wire brushes that scrape away the top layer of softwood. What's left, after the machine grinds away the top layer, are more natural characteristics of the wood - grains, knots, and all. The goal is not to sand the wood flat, so the natural grooves and the texture remain.

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