When Should You Refinish Your Hardwood Flooring?

Rod Lorenz

Hardwood floors have long been a hallmark of gorgeous homes with style. Their beauty is unmatched, and it has been so for generations.

However, all beauty fades as time passes! That's the main problem of everything in life, both living and inanimate. Hardwood floors, too, feel the sting of time. Their beauty fades, and they start to show wear, scratches, and stains.

But many times, they only need to be refinished. Is that what you need?

When There Are Many Scratches

The most obvious reason for a refinishing job is when your hardwood floor has many scratches on it. Besides the fact that these scratches significantly lower the flooring’s  attractiveness, they can also turn into something worse. Larger holes and dents can develop out of these scratches, and that's when the wood itself suffers.

To avoid these bigger issues and the need to replace pieces of wood, it’s best to refinish your floor when you notice too many scratches. Sometimes a simple recoating is all you’ll need to freshen up a floor, but refinishing is often the best, more-desirable option.

When the Floor Is Worn Out and Dull

Aesthetics matters when it comes to hardwood floors – it’s one of the main reasons for having this stunning type of flooring in the first place!

That’s why it’s a good time to refinish your hardwood floor once you notice they are looking really worn out and dull.

It takes time for them to become dull and worn-out. This isn’t an “overnight” condition. It’s such a gradual process that you might not even notice how your hardwood is changing. That's why it's good to compare your hardwood floors to images of a new one every few years. If it looks too different for your tastes, it’s time to refinish.

New Creative Interior-Design Possibilities

Not only will refinishing makes floors look fresh, it gives you an opportunity to change up the flooring’s color, texture, and sheen.

If your floors are starting to change to a color you don’t like, it’s definitely time to refinish. Or if you’re just tired of the look you have, why not make it what you really want?

Refinishing provides a new layer of protection for your floors, while also giving you a chance to enjoy a different look and feel it that’s what you want. There’s no point in having floors that don’t make you happy.

Refinishing is a delicate process that requires true professionals like you’ll find at Ralph’s Hardwood Floors. We give seasoned advice and specialize in installing and refinishing stylish hardwood floors that will bring unprecedented beauty to your home. Come visit our showroom to see what we can do for you!


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