High-Variation Flooring: Bold and Beautiful

Cortney Lindquist

With new flooring technology, it's getting easier to make floors look truer to their original state and more natural. In nature, no two wood pieces look alike. Now, flooring manufacturers can replicate this.

As this trend becomes popular, shops will start to dedicate whole sections to a high variation of wood colors. Usually, these variations are in the same color family. However, you will also see some floors that combine bright colors with neutrals. They are not common, but if done properly, it can instantly improve the look and feel of your house.

However, a bold look like high color variation has a very specific aesthetic, and they will probably remain trendy for the next decade or so. Still, if you’re thinking about resale value, keep in mind that not everyone is going to love this look.

High-variation flooring means more variety in colors and shades on your floor. It’s a unique design in wood-look, wood, and tile flooring. Those kinds of floors typically come in a similar pattern, but the high variation makes more of a statement with its design.

How is High-Variation Flooring Different from Regular Flooring?

When you order traditional laminate, vinyl, or tile flooring, all of your boxes will contain tiles and planks with the same dye shade and hue. But high variation includes dark and light shades or multiple colors mixed in the same box.

You’ll notice high color variation among planks or even on each plank. This gives your floor a look of modern beauty and dimension.

It’s important to note that even in traditional flooring, you’ll see some shade variations, but nothing as dramatically contrasting.

Is It Right For You?

High-variation flooring provides a rustic, natural look, similar to the inconsistencies of real stone and wood. The dramatic coloring contrast reveals the detailed knots and graining, providing visual interest. A high-variation floor is a statement piece and usually goes best with simple but modern decor.

It isn’t for everyone, though. If you like to keep things plain and simple, you can stay with traditional gray flooring. But note that even single-color options will have some variation to them.

High-variation floors are for the free spirit—someone who’s looking to make a statement with interior design or who wants their floor to be a work of art.

These stunning floors work best in open, large spaces, such as a kitchen, living room, or dining room. But this style can be too much for a smaller office or bedroom. High-variation floors need to be seen, so it’s best to show them out in the open..

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