Making a Statement with Blonde Flooring

Cortney Lindquist

For a long time, lighter floors were seen as cheap and outdated. This view has changed.

While dark wood floors have been a favorite because they look so chic, many people are now choosing blonde-colored wood for a light, classic look.

As more homeowners enjoy the airy, light feel in their home, a huge demand for light floors is growing. Blonde wood particularly can give you that light feeling.

Thanks to blonde wood, you can have endless decorating possibilities. You can go for an elegant, contemporary look or a homely, rustic vibe without changing your floors.

Also, keep in mind that blonde wood makes any space seem bigger and more open, especially if you choose large planks.

European white oak especially is becoming more popular. While you can use a stain to get darker colors on a floor, with a lighter color, it’s best to get a wood floor that is already blonde.

Blonde varieties offer a light and classic feel to any area of the home, and the best part is that light wood is highly customizable and can go well with many interiors.

So whether you are wanting a chic, vintage, rustic, or classic feel, blonde floors can do it all. They are gorgeous and will impress your guests.

You Can Add Warmth

If you're looking for something a bit darker that adds a bit more warmth, then honey-colored flooring is right for you. This luxurious color embodies the airy space-creating benefits of blondes while exuding the richness and warmth associated with more hearty shades. The natural honey tone can be effortlessly combined with cozy and bold décor.

A honey-colored wood floor can make a house feel like a home. They provide all the benefits of a lighter wood with a bit of extra warmth. We see it becoming a leading flooring color for years to come. So if you're looking for something that’s going to add richness to your space without going too dark, honey-colored hardwood might be right for you.

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