Three Themes in Home Décor for 2020

Cortney Lindquist
High-tech style, natural vibes, and innovative wood patterns have been some of the most important home-décor trends for 2020.

High-Tech Style

The high-tech style of 2020 can look a bit dry and cold, but it's also modern and stylish. The use of the latest technology, along with the luxury and diversity of finishing materials, make this design style truly unique. This helps designers create unusual and original interiors that will amaze you with their beauty and sophistication.

Aside from the functionality of the space, it's also important to remember the aesthetic side, as a home that’s stuffed with electronic devices can be devoid of charm.

Natural Vibes

Eco-friendly products are particularly popular in 2020. Look for handmade designs and home décor made from organic materials—such as stone, rattan, wood, and wicker—that provide a natural aesthetic and durability. You can easily make these natural materials look effortlessly chic.

Sustainable living products are becoming materials and textures in homes. However, organic doesn’t always mean unstylish. Some of the most extravagant modern designers are introducing mediums such as reclaimed wood and bamboo into their home decor projects.

Home interiors should make us feel relaxed. Imagine beige, warm white, and taupe colors. You can add in black and grey accents, together with organic materials such as ceramic, warm wood, smooth stone, and glass.

Eco-Friendly Cork and Marmoleum

When it comes to flooring, this trend can be seen in the resurgence of organic, eco-friendly materials such as marmoleum, cork, and linoleum. More-commercial flooring materials such as linoleum and marmoleum have become popular in the residential market again as manufacturers explore the need for a minimalist, clean décor with new styles and patterns that won’t remind you of a school corridor!

Joint-friendly, eco-friendly, and resilient with a completely unique look, cork has been popular for years, and in 2020 we definitely expect to see more of it. Unique and durable, cork has stood the test of time and will probably become even more popular over the next decade. Homeowners love the special soft look that cork offers.

Hardwood Gets Personal

In 2020, patterned floors will still be a huge hit. And don’t worry—the new parquet looks anything but dated. You will see sleek, modern, and upscale patterns.

Trends in hardwood flooring are still pretty constant, as well as wide planks that are reminiscent of antique, reclaimed hardwood. In the coming years, this trend should continue as more spaces combine contemporary and rustic elements.

Aside from wide planks, we will probably see more designers who use planks with different widths to give it a more individual, less-uniform feel. Again, it’s the concept of an antique and rustic feel—without having to look for actual reclaimed hardwood planks.

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