Trending: "Greige" and "Driftwood" Wood Flooring

Cortney Lindquist

Gray is the new Beige, and the newest flooring colors are the best proof. Popular styles of wood flooring now include grey tones, creating floors that have a “driftwood” look.

Gray floors are actually easier to clean than dark brown floors because the dust doesn't show as much. Lighter gray floors make a room feel airy and open, and lighter, softer grays impart more of a driftwood tone.

The popularity of beige browns and greige are seeing a significant demand in warmer regions such as Southern California, Florida, and Arizona.


The gray trend has evolved during the last 12-18 months. Beige browns with a touch of gray are more popular this year.

Remember that gray is a neutral color; like tan or brown - it goes well with anything. Different shades of gray and gray/brown mixed floors can be set in all types of homes. The grayer floors lean towards a contemporary, modern style. If your home is more traditional, but you want to modernize it, we suggest more of a brown and grey stain.

The modern greige wood style means they can be easily paired with unusual textures and pops of color. There is more freedom to experiment with patterns, textures, and accents with this trend

For subtle elegance, greige works best with lots of elegant layers of neutral colors. Matching greige flooring with a crisp linen bedding and a neutral wall will create a zen-like bedroom. You can also add natural fabrics, like wool cushions and blankets, to greige floors for a really calming effect.

Greige isn’t only about stripped-down styling. This trend can serve as a neutral platform to add splashes of bright colors to your home. Pair black furniture or textiles with greige flooring for a clean and modern look, while wicker accessories and tasseled blankets will give your room an interesting dynamic.


The driftwood trend adds shades of ocean greys, whites, and blacks to create a unique color range reminiscent of wood that comes from the far corners of the sea, eventually stranding itself on sunbaked rocks and sand. A raw face texture and natural deep color variation are distinct details exclusive to driftwood hardwood floors.

Worn out on purpose, this collection represents a naturally weathered aesthetic, reminding us of the creative free spirit of the ocean. All driftwood products have artful textures made with wire brushing techniques while still maintaining a profound elegance that isn’t flashy.

Choosing the ideal greige wood flooring shade for your home means that you’ll have a versatile and long-lasting floor that will stand the test of time. Greige can also bring a luxurious feel to stylish parquet flooring—a perfect statement for a living room. It can also be informal and casual, in driftwood-style tones that are perfect for an open-plan apartment or a hallway.

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