Which Types of Hardwood Floors Go Best with Pastel?

Cortney Lindquist

Hardwood floors have been the stuff of legend for a long time, and in the past few decades, people have made them extremely popular again. Why? Because the beauty of hardwood floors is undeniable and timeless.

But what if you have a room with pastel-colored walls or furniture, say in a bedroom for a child (or you!). Pastel is well-known for creating gentle, happy, soothing feelings. Pastel colors—which essentially mix white with another color—are often referred to as “light.”

It's vital to combine your flooring and the rest of your interior design in the right way. How they pair together can make or break the overall look. Hardwood floors are gorgeous, that's an irrefutable fact, but they may not be what you’re for unless the rest of the room goes well with them.

Pastel and Hardwood Can Be Friends

When it comes to color combinations and shades, the general rule is that lighter colors go well with other brighter colors, while darker colors go well with other darker colors. This is especially true when it comes to walls and hardwood floors.

For instance, off-white and gray walls go great with light hardwood floors. On the other end, dark hardwood usually goes great with darker colors, but not as dark as the hardwood itself.

When it comes to pastel-colored walls, they tend to go great with a specific type of hardwood like White Oak—not necessarily with a specific color. This classic hardwood floor species has been very popular as of late.

Depending on the finish, white oak floors can be bleached out, creating a shade that can't go without pastel colors. That's why any pastel color on your wall will be perfect with white oak hardwood flooring.

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