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Rod Lorenz
Smooth Service Experience, Just Like A Well Greased Machine.

I recently needed to buy a grease gun for my lawnmower, which has five spots..

Rod Lorenz
Just ask my Mom—timeless is good.

Back in 1970, my Mom got a new watch. When she saw it, she was in a good mood,..

Jackie Archambeau
Domestic Species

Known for excellence, Wisconsin and the surrounding states produce some of the..

Chris Hokansson
Exotic Hardwood Floors: Something Different for Every Taste

If you vision includes hardwood floors with a distinctive look, you may be..

Rod Lorenz
In business and golf - forget your opponents and play against par.

As a kid and a young man, I loved sports. I was on the basketball team in high..

Chris Hokansson
Color Adds Personality to Hardwood Flooring

Color and personality seem to go together. A person’s favorite color often..

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