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Rod Lorenz
Carpet Is Harder to Keep Clean and Sanitary Than Hardwood Floors

There’s always a debate between which type of flooring is the best. Since..

Rod Lorenz
What Matters Most When Selecting Customized Hardwood Flooring?

New hardwood flooring is a thing of beauty, and even more so when it fits..

Rod Lorenz
Each Hardwood Floor Feels Different

One of the best things about hardwood floors is their versatility. Whatever..

Rod Lorenz
The Importance of Hardness in Hardwood Floors

Durability is one of the reasons many people choose hardwood flooring for..

Rod Lorenz
Cold ice, hardwood floors and the Mother's Day I will never forget.

I look forward to Mother’s Day every year. It’s a chance for me to express how..

Rod Lorenz
“No Way That’s Not Real Wood”—Luxury Vinyl Tile Fools the Eye

Luxury vinyl tile is the new star in the flooring world.

Ralph’s has recently..

Rod Lorenz
Who says a workout space has to feel like a sweaty gym?


Who says a workout space has to feel like a sweaty gym? All parts of a home..

Rod Lorenz
All in the name of love...


One of the great pleasures of working at a hardwood flooring company is..

Rod Lorenz
A Long, Beautiful Life: Hardwood Flooring Sealed With a Swedish Finish

Without question, conversion varnishes—also known as a “Swedish finishes”—are..

Rod Lorenz
Getting Just the Look You Want

The “look” of hardwood flooring is something that’s hard to put a finger on...

Rod Lorenz
When Less Sheen Is More

Most people like things that are shiny.

Shiny new cars. Shiny jewelry. Shiny..

Rod Lorenz
Gathering Around the Fire on Hardwood Floors

Winter’s here with a blast, and the cold winds and snow are blowing. Time to..

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