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Cortney Lindquist
The Best Types of Flooring for Homebuyers With Indoor Pets

Pets don’t have to crush your dreams of a hardwood-floored house. Hardwood..

Rod Lorenz
The Difference Between Recycled and Reclaimed Hardwood Floors

Concerns about climate change and nature preservation are increasingly causing..

Cortney Lindquist
The Timeless Beauty of Reclaimed Hardwood Flooring

Reclaimed hardwood flooring uses materials from dilapidated buildings to create..

Rod Lorenz
Grades of Hardwood Floors Explained

All hardwood floors have grades—names used to explain the amount of color..

Cortney Lindquist
The Design Differences Between Dark and Light Hardwood Floors

Installing hardwood floors in a room or your entire home always brings up..

Rod Lorenz
The Differences Between Wide and Narrow Flooring Boards

When it comes to hardwood-floor options, you can choose to use either wide or..

Cortney Lindquist
White Oak vs. Red Oak Hardwood Floors: What’s the Difference?

Oak is one of the most common North American tree species that’s found its way..

Rod Lorenz
Hardwood Floor Options: Domestic vs. Exotic Species

Before you choose a species for your hardwood floor, you have an important..

Rod Lorenz
The Importance of Stability in Hardwood Floors


Because wood is an organic material, hardwood flooring will react to its..

Rod Lorenz
Hardwood Flooring Trends: The Distinctive Look of Old-World Oak

For as long as I can remember, American red oak and American white oak have..

Rod Lorenz
Popular Tree Species for Hardwood Flooring: Hickory

Hickory is one of the hardest trees found in North America, making it one of..

Rod Lorenz
Popular Tree Species for Hardwood Flooring: Birch

Birch is a popular alternative to the two most popular domestic species, Maple..

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