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Rod Lorenz
Producing Masterful Hardwood Floors: The Learning Never Stops

I’ve been working in the hardwood floor industry since I was a little boy,..

Rod Lorenz
Two hardwood alternatives that keep the beautiful wood look we love.


Hardwood is what we do best at Ralph`s and most of the time it is the..

Rod Lorenz
A Smooth Flow: Hardwood Floors and Open Floorplans

More and more new homes being built these days feature open floorplans, and..

Rod Lorenz
Love at First Sight: Hardwood Floors and Kitchen Cabinets

Kitchens are a great place for hardwood flooring. They’re also a perfect..

Rod Lorenz
Getting Just the Look You Want

The “look” of hardwood flooring is something that’s hard to put a finger on...

Rod Lorenz
When Less Sheen Is More

Most people like things that are shiny.

Shiny new cars. Shiny jewelry. Shiny..

Rod Lorenz
Hardwood Floor Trends: Long Boards

A recent trend in hardwood flooring is the use of long boards. Homeowners, home..

Rod Lorenz
Hardwood Flooring Trends: It’s A Wide World

Hardwood flooring planks are growing wider.

Planks just a little over 2” used..

Rod Lorenz
Ralph's wins Best of Customer Service Award from Houzz

At Ralph’s, we pride ourselves on first-rate customer service. Throughout our..

Rod Lorenz
Getting new hardwood floors? Don’t go it alone.

Every time I walk through a big-box store and see their selection of..

Rod Lorenz
What’s wrong with being eclectic?

I stopped by a friend’s condo the other day, and as always when I visit her,..

Rod Lorenz
Getting Just the Look You Want: Beach House

In this final blog in our seires on using hardwood floors in popular..

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