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Rod Lorenz
The Traditions That Matter

Some years ago a Christmas tree tradition started with some couples my wife and..

Rod Lorenz
Snow Days - Tales from a Hardwood Floors Installer

As winter begins to fade I remind myself that just because I am ready for..

Rod Lorenz
Ralph's restores history at The Marketplace by Bliss

Restoring an old wood floor and giving it a new life is fairly common project..

Rod Lorenz
In and Out—On Time

My father, Ralph, who founded our company, had a dedication to getting a job..

Cortney Lindquist
Standing the Test of Time

Did you know that some trees can last for thousands of years? Now think about..

Rod Lorenz
A Family Thing

I started working at Ralph’s as a boy. It was my father’s business, and he..

Rod Lorenz
Working Together >Working Alone

I love working with companies that do business like we do.

Our floor-finish..

Rod Lorenz
The Night Before Christmas

Many people have traditions on Christmas Eve. As a child, my memories of..

Rod Lorenz
Old Home Becomes a Modern Beauty: With a Little Help from Harry Potter

I love it when Ralph’s can help restore old floors into flooring that looks..

Rod Lorenz
Turning the Past into the Present: An Old Friary Becomes Low-Income Housing

Every job is special to us, but some stick in my mind because of the nature of..

Chris Hubbard
Hardwood Floors Are Like Comfort Food

A guest blogger describes a childhood experience distressing floors with his..

Rod Lorenz
Hardwood Floors Through the Ages

In the 80’s, some would say I was missing the six-pack abs that many of my..

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