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Rod Lorenz
March Madness in the Ralph’s Coliseum

Every March, when the NCAA college basketball tournament rolls around, I’m..

Rod Lorenz
“If ... Then ... Else” Until the Hardwood Floors of Your Dreams

When I went to college, I decided to major in computer science. I had been..

Rod Lorenz
A Card From Christmas Past


At our company Christmas party in 2000, a lot of babies and toddlers were..

Rod Lorenz
There better be a piece of Gran-grammy’s pie left!

One of the many traditions I love about Christmas is the family food.

It’s not..

Rod Lorenz
See a Need, Fill a Need


“See a need, fill a need.”

That well-known saying was uttered by Bigweld,..

Rod Lorenz
Break Time With Ralph's Storytelling


My Dad passed away in 2014,  but I’ll always have my memories of him. One of..

Rod Lorenz


When we interview applicants for a job at Ralph’s, we of course want to know..

Rod Lorenz
Hardwood Floors For Your Home From Our Home


At Ralph’s Hardwoods, we like to keep things local. 

We’re happy to be..

Rod Lorenz
The Forgotten Meaning Of Labor Day


Labor Day is one of those holidays whose meaning is often forgotten.


Rod Lorenz
Do What You Love And The Money Will Follow


When I was 27 years old, working as a computer programmer, I came home one..

Rod Lorenz
Working For The Weekend


We had just unloaded our equipment at the shop at the end of a difficult..

Rod Lorenz
Enjoying The Extra Mile


Customer service is a cornerstone of Ralph’s business philosophy, and it has..

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