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Cortney Lindquist
When Worn-Out is Better Than New

Distressed flooring can be all-in-one: practical, visually appealing, and..

Cortney Lindquist
Your Flooring Doesn’t Have to Be Wood to Look Like Wood

Real hardwood floors are durable and beautiful to look at, but there are now..

Rod Lorenz
Needed Now More Than Ever: The Comforts of Home

The COVID-19 virus has left many of us isolated at home—a circumstance that can..

Rod Lorenz
Is there a "Right Wood" for Hardwood Floors?

People ask us all the time if there is a `right wood`for hardwood floors. They..

Rod Lorenz
Are Whitewashed Floors Coming Back?

Just like whitewashed jeans, whitewashed floors are back in style!

People are..

Rod Lorenz
You've Got a Friend

Ralph’s never would have been around for more than 50 years without the great..

Rod Lorenz
Can't make it to our showroom? Here's the next best thing

Are you thinking about a hardwood floor project? Magazines and websites will..

Rod Lorenz
Ralph's is on TV!

Have you seen our latest commercial? If not, take a look now. You’ll see how..

Rod Lorenz
Finishing Your Hardwood Floors to Get Just the Look You Want


Hardwood floor finishes protect the flooring, but they do much more than..

Rod Lorenz
Thinking about our new showroom and favorite floors.

We are in the midst of renovating our showroom and I am really looking forward..

Rod Lorenz
Who says a workout space has to feel like a sweaty gym?


Who says a workout space has to feel like a sweaty gym? All parts of a home..

Rod Lorenz
All in the name of love...


One of the great pleasures of working at a hardwood flooring company is..

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