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Rod Lorenz
Working Together >Working Alone

I love working with companies that do business like we do.

Our floor-finish..

Rod Lorenz
The Night Before Christmas

Many people have traditions on Christmas Eve. As a child, my memories of..

Rod Lorenz
Old Home Becomes a Modern Beauty: With a Little Help from Harry Potter

I love it when Ralph’s can help restore old floors into flooring that looks..

Rod Lorenz
Turning the Past into the Present: An Old Friary Becomes Low-Income Housing

Every job is special to us, but some stick in my mind because of the nature of..

Rod Lorenz
What to Consider If You Want Hardwood Floors in Your Kitchen

Homeowners often opt for tile flooring in the kitchen, but hardwood floors are..

Rod Lorenz
March Madness in the Ralph’s Coliseum

Every March, when the NCAA college basketball tournament rolls around, I’m..

Rod Lorenz
The Right Hardwood Floor Company Can Benefit Home Builders ... and Their Customers!

Building someone’s new home comes with a lot of pressure. Ralph’s is..

Rod Lorenz
Round and Round the Circle of Growth

I’m a fan of the term “circle of growth.”

It essentially refers to the..

Rod Lorenz
There better be a piece of Gran-grammy’s pie left!

One of the many traditions I love about Christmas is the family food.

It’s not..

Rod Lorenz
The Importance of Stability in Hardwood Floors


Because wood is an organic material, hardwood flooring will react to its..

Rod Lorenz
See a Need, Fill a Need


“See a need, fill a need.”

That well-known saying was uttered by Bigweld,..

Rod Lorenz
Break Time With Ralph's Storytelling


My Dad passed away in 2014,  but I’ll always have my memories of him. One of..

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