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Rod Lorenz
The Traditions That Matter

Some years ago a Christmas tree tradition started with some couples my wife and..

Rod Lorenz
Let's Go Get This Done

Installing flooring isn’t an easy job. I learned that at an early age. During..

Rod Lorenz
A Family Thing

I started working at Ralph’s as a boy. It was my father’s business, and he..

Rod Lorenz
Needed Now More Than Ever: The Comforts of Home

The COVID-19 virus has left many of us isolated at home—a circumstance that can..

Cortney Lindquist
How Luxury Vinyl Tile Differs From Regular Vinyl Flooring

If you’re in the market for vinyl flooring, you may be wondering whether to use..

Rod Lorenz
Nothing Beats the Customer Service of a Family Company

Customer service is supposed to be something that serves you as a customer;..

Cortney Lindquist
The Best Flooring for Family Rooms

Most homes are family homes, and it stands to reason that families will spend..

Rod Lorenz
Working Together >Working Alone

I love working with companies that do business like we do.

Our floor-finish..

Rod Lorenz
The Night Before Christmas

Many people have traditions on Christmas Eve. As a child, my memories of..

Rod Lorenz
Old Home Becomes a Modern Beauty: With a Little Help from Harry Potter

I love it when Ralph’s can help restore old floors into flooring that looks..

Rod Lorenz
Turning the Past into the Present: An Old Friary Becomes Low-Income Housing

Every job is special to us, but some stick in my mind because of the nature of..

Rod Lorenz
What to Consider If You Want Hardwood Floors in Your Kitchen

Homeowners often opt for tile flooring in the kitchen, but hardwood floors are..

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