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Rod Lorenz
Why Would You Choose to Refinish Your Floors?

Hardwood floors can last a very long time with proper care. But that doesn’t..

Rod Lorenz
Do Hardwood Floors Make a Home More Valuable?

I’m often asked, “How much will hardwood flooring add to the value of my home?”

Rod Lorenz
Bringing Worn Hardwood Floors Back to Life: Before and After


If your hardwood floors are getting old, they don’t have to be replaced. ..

Rod Lorenz
The Wheelhouse Restaurant: Delicious Food and Yummy Hardwood Floors

In 1977, when Jeff Maiman bought the building he turned into The Wheelhouse..

Rod Lorenz
Can I blend new hardwood floors with old hardwood floors?

It’s not at all unusual for homeowners to want to add new hardwood flooring..

Rod Lorenz
A Ralph's Makeover

In February, Ralph’s Hardwood Floors announced the winner of our “Ugliest..

Rod Lorenz
The voting is in, and the ugliest floor in northeast Wisconsin is…

Ralph’s Hardwoods Floors recently held a contest on Facebook to find the..

Rod Lorenz
Show your hardwood floors some love this Valentine’s Day by restoring them

Today is Valentine’s Day—not exactly a day that makes most people think of..

Rod Lorenz
Taking the “haunted” out of haunted houses

One year for Halloween, I took my daughters to one of those “haunted houses”..

Rod Lorenz
Is your floor a diamond in the rough?


Before                         After

*Although these are not photos..
Chris Hubbard
Different Finishes for Different Folks

If you’re getting ready to install hardwood floors in your home—or to refinish..

Chris Hubbard
To Refinish or Replace Hardwood Flooring? 3 Key Issues to Consider

Even the best finished hardwood flooring starts to look worn out over time...

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