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Cortney Lindquist
The Timeless Beauty of Reclaimed Hardwood Flooring

Reclaimed hardwood flooring uses materials from dilapidated buildings to create..

Rod Lorenz
Grades of Hardwood Floors Explained

All hardwood floors have grades—names used to explain the amount of color..

Rod Lorenz
Custom Hardwood Floors: Beautiful,Valuable, Unique

A couple we served, Mark and Michelle, recently shared this nice message with..

Cortney Lindquist
The Design Differences Between Dark and Light Hardwood Floors

Installing hardwood floors in a room or your entire home always brings up..

Cortney Lindquist
What Kind of Flooring Do You Need to Create a Proper Formal Room?

For many people, formal is still important. Even though as a society we have..

Rod Lorenz
How Long Should the Planks in My Hardwood Floors Be?

When you're choosing the type of hardwood-floor boards for your floors, it’s..

Rod Lorenz
The Main Differences Between Hardwood and Softwood in Flooring

In flooring, both hardwood and softwood are used, but many people don't know..

Cortney Lindquist
Mixing Hardwood and Stone in Interior Design

Stone and hardwood are a timeless combination that can really make a home look..

Cortney Lindquist
White Oak vs. Red Oak Hardwood Floors: What’s the Difference?

Oak is one of the most common North American tree species that’s found its way..

Rod Lorenz
What Are the Next Hardwood Flooring Trends?

In recent Out of the Woodwork posts, I’ve taken a look at the history of..

Rod Lorenz
Why is White Oak Such a Popular Flooring Choice?

Trends tend to come and go. However, some choices you make when installing your..

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