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Rod Lorenz
Matching Hardwood Floors and Rugs for the Best Interior Design

After you’ve installed your brand-new hardwood floors, it’s time to move on..

Rod Lorenz
Gray Hardwood Flooring Remains Popular

Homeowners who look at interior design trends for inspiration when remodeling..

Rod Lorenz
Your home may need a shade of gray

Grey isn’t usually something we associate with vibrancy and excitement – gray..

Rod Lorenz
Deck the Halls

It is said a picture is worth a thousand words and so here are several thousand..

Rod Lorenz
New Shades of White: The Transformation of Whitewashed Hardwood Flooring

Ten years ago, if someone asked us about whitewashed hardwood flooring, we..

Rod Lorenz
Love at First Sight: Hardwood Floors and Kitchen Cabinets

Kitchens are a great place for hardwood flooring. They’re also a perfect..

Rod Lorenz
Hardwood Flooring Trends in 2015

As we get into 2015, we’re seeing the continued momentum of several hardwood..

Rod Lorenz
The Colorful Splendor of Fall—and Hardwood Floors

Last month, my wife and I took a “color trip” around the state, checking out..

Chris Hubbard
Choosing Hardwood Colors in 5 Steps

Natural hardwood colors vary tremendously between species, and you also have..

Rod Lorenz
It’s not just smoke and mirrors – grey is beautiful.

Not long ago, we got a call from a really nice couple who asked us to come..

Rod Lorenz
Back in Black

An enthusiastic middle-aged couple came into our showroom recently, trying to..

Chris Hubbard
The Appeal of Dark Hardwood Floors

Many people fall in love with dark hardwood colors. Rich, dark finished..

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