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Rod Lorenz
The New World of Vinyl “Hardwood”

A trend currently transforming the flooring industry is luxury vinyl. It’s a..

Rod Lorenz
Gray Hardwood Flooring Remains Popular

Homeowners who look at interior design trends for inspiration when remodeling..

Rod Lorenz
Raw Wood You Can Walk On

Sometimes, while in the middle of a project, a client will call and say, “Hey,..

Rod Lorenz
Cold ice, hardwood floors and the Mother's Day I will never forget.

I look forward to Mother’s Day every year. It’s a chance for me to express how..

Rod Lorenz
“No Way That’s Not Real Wood”—Luxury Vinyl Tile Fools the Eye

Luxury vinyl tile is the new star in the flooring world.

Ralph’s has recently..

Rod Lorenz
Deck the Halls

It is said a picture is worth a thousand words and so here are several thousand..

Rod Lorenz
Hardwood Flooring Trends: The Distinctive Look of Old-World Oak

For as long as I can remember, American red oak and American white oak have..

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