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Rod Lorenz
3 Ways to Change the Look of Wood Stairs

The nature and shape of stairs mean they are often a focal point in your home..

Rod Lorenz
Considerations for Home Gym Flooring

During the COVID lockdown, many people discovered the advantages of having a..

Rod Lorenz
Here are 5 interior design trends to watch in 2023

They say that trends come and go while classics last a lifetime. We have found..

Rod Lorenz
Interior Design Spotlight: Luxurious Comfort

There’s an interior trend that focuses not just on style but also places..

Rod Lorenz
Floor Options for Aging Adults

A home is not a home until it feels safe. Ensuring the safety and comfort of a..

Rod Lorenz
Best Flooring Options for Condominiums

Often, when we think about condominiums, we are left with the idea that it’s..

Rod Lorenz
Maintaining Hand Scraped Hardwood Floors

Hand Scraping floors helps to deliberately give the appearance of aged wood...

Rod Lorenz
Different Wood Flooring Finishes Require Different Care

Different flooring materials require different maintenance methods. But did you..

Rod Lorenz
Understanding Luxury Vinyl Installation: Floating Vinyl vs. Glue Down

When selecting a luxury vinyl tile (LVT) or luxury vinyl plank (LVP) product..

Rod Lorenz
Three Low-Maintenance Flooring Options

While there are plenty of people who enjoy house chores, let’s be honest by..

Rod Lorenz
Golf, Hiring and my Hole-in-One

For anyone that has ever golfed, they know that the ultimate goal is to hit a..

Rod Lorenz
American vs. European Oak for floors

Oak is a versatile type of wood used in everything from furniture to renovation..

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