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Rod Lorenz
Innovative Ways to Use Reclaimed Hardwood for Floors

Using reclaimed hardwood in homes has gained popularity for its sustainability..

Rod Lorenz
The Staying Power of the Wider and Longer Hardwood Flooring Trend

Many hardwood flooring trends come and go, but the wide-plank / extra..

Rod Lorenz
Three Wood Flooring Ideas for Dreamy Master Bedrooms

Wood flooring can be installed in any room of your house but it's very popular..

Rod Lorenz
The Traditions That Matter

Some years ago a Christmas tree tradition started with some couples my wife and..

Rod Lorenz
What is Luxury Vinyl Plank and how is it different from standard vinyl?

Traditionally vinyl floors have been considered the best choice for rooms where..

Rod Lorenz
The Importance of the ‘Wear Layer’ in Engineered Hardwood

Engineered hardwood offers colors and finishes for any taste and budget. Made..

Rod Lorenz
The Perfectly Imperfect Allure of Distressed Wood

Are you a fan of antique furniture? Do you appreciate the warm, comforting feel..

Rod Lorenz
Making Chic Foyers with Hardwood

Spacious or cozy, narrow or wide; the entry to your home is important for..

Rod Lorenz
4 Differences Between Domestic Hardwood and Exotic Hardwood

Wood, prized for its natural beauty and versatility, is one of the most popular..

Rod Lorenz
Popular Hardwoods for High Traffic Areas

Hardwood floors can take on the busiest rooms in your home. From high-traffic..

Cortney Lindquist
Pairing Wood Tones and Grains in a Room

Imagine this – you’ve just bought a new house, and everything seems perfect...

Rod Lorenz
Recoating vs. Refinishing Hardwood Floors

Hardwood floor durability is legendary but over time even the most well cared..

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