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Rod Lorenz
Ralph's wins Best of Customer Service Award from Houzz

At Ralph’s, we pride ourselves on first-rate customer service. Throughout our..

Rod Lorenz
Gathering Around the Fire on Hardwood Floors

Winter’s here with a blast, and the cold winds and snow are blowing. Time to..

Rod Lorenz
The Basic Characteristics of Hardwood Flooring: Cut

As trees are sawn into hardwood flooring planks, the way in which the wood is..

Rod Lorenz
Getting new hardwood floors? Don’t go it alone.

Every time I walk through a big-box store and see their selection of..

Rod Lorenz
The Value in Hardwood Floors

Do you like the way hardwood floors look and want them in your home, but you..

Rod Lorenz
What’s wrong with being eclectic?

I stopped by a friend’s condo the other day, and as always when I visit her,..

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