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Hardwood Flooring Trends: Brown Colors and Wide Boards

Posted on Fri, Feb 23, 2018 @ 23:02 PM



A clear trend in hardwood flooring is toward floor colors a bit lighter than the grey floors that have been popular in recent years.

We’re getting more requests for “natural-looking” flooring that mixes some brown (and/or subtle pastel) with grey shades—or that is even outright tannish or golden brown. These floors have a “light” tone—certainly lighter than a pure or almost-pure grey color.

This trend was evident when we recently traveled to two trade shows (one as attendees; one as exhibiters).

Wide boards were also prominent—a continuing trend made possible by advances in engineered hardwood, which can be stable at greater widths than solid-plank flooring.

Many people love the appearance of wide boards, as well as the corresponding long board lengths. The look is reminiscent of floors installed in a home a hundred or more years ago, when the common milling methods available at the time resulted in long, wide planks. Now the planks can be wide, long, and stable.

I don’t want to overstate this. There are plenty of people installing grey and not-so-wide floors right now, and those floors will look great for years to come. Yes, there are trends, but hardwood floors don’t become unfashionable, regardless of trends. They stay in style.

It’s really a matter of personal taste. You should select the flooring that fits your aesthetic sense, not what’s trending. Something else will be trending soon enough.

Nonetheless, if a style is trending, customers will be asking for it. And we’re ready to provide it.

We have an extensive selection of brown/grey and light-brown prefinished flooring, and for customers who want those colors on solid-plank floors, we can do that for them with our staining techniques. As for wide floors, we offer engineered hardwood as wide as 10” (compared to the 5” maximum for solid-plank floors).

We invite you to visit our showroom to see these trending looks (and much more) for yourself.

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Super Floors for the Super Bowl

Posted on Fri, Feb 02, 2018 @ 23:02 PM



It’s a disappointment any time Green Bay doesn't win the Super Bowl, or at least get in it. Green Bay has been there before—playing in five Super Bowls and winning four—and fans always want the team to return.

But that doesn’t mean that Wisconsinites aren’t going to watch the game this year. There will be widespread interest in the Super Bowl—and a lot of Super Bowl parties.

Super Bowl parties have become as big a tradition, or maybe bigger, than the Super Bowl itself. And there’s no better flooring for a Super Bowl party than beautiful hardwood floors.

That’s true for any party, for that matter. Many people love to entertain in celebration of holidays, birthdays, or other special events—or just because they feel like it. And hardwood floors are ideal for entertaining.

Unlike with carpeting, you don’t have to worry about someone causing a stain by spilling food or a beverage, which has been known to happen at parties, particularly Super Bowl parties. (Picture someone doing a Lambeau Leap when the team they’re pulling for makes a big play, spilling their food and knocking over a drink.)

But what really makes hardwood floors ideal for get-togethers is that they look great.  Whatever the style of your hardwood floors—casual, formal, light, dark, rustic, etc.—they bring an undeniable classiness and flair to a home that can’t be matched by other flooring types.

No one’s going to walk into your home and say, “Wow, your floors are awesome,” if you have carpeting or low-quality tile. But homeowners with hardwood floors hear such compliments all the time.

One thing to keep in mind, however, is that furniture can scratch hardwood floors. So, if you’re rearranging chairs or tables to accommodate your guests (e.g., moving chairs close to the TV for the Super Bowl), pick them up to move them or use rugs and/or furniture pads under the furniture legs. Even then, guests may inadvertently move the furniture (e.g., fidgeting in a chair), so protection is still a good idea.

Would you like guests to cheer not just for the game, but also for your floors, when the next Super Bowl rolls around? Or at whatever type of gathering you like to hold? Stop by our showroom to see and explore the many amazing looks you can achieve with hardwood floors, or request an in-home consultation.

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