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Rod Lorenz
Walk On The Wild Side - Our Showroom

When it’s time for a new vehicle, I love going to the car lot to look at all..

Rod Lorenz
The Value in Hardwood Floors

Do you like the way hardwood floors look and want them in your home, but you..

Rod Lorenz
Hardwood Floors Guard Against the Wrath of Old Man Winter

I love living in Wisconsin, but I have to admit, I don’t look forward to the..

Rod Lorenz
Why People Love Hardwood Floors

Finished hardwood flooring keeps growing in popularity. An increasing number..

Rod Lorenz
Sleds, Xbox….Jetpacks?

Christmas gifts for kids sure have changed—nowadays it seems they all need..

Rod Lorenz
Winning The Christmas Lottery!

There’s nothing I enjoy more than settling in for Christmas at home with my..

Rod Lorenz
The Personality of Hardwood Floors and Their Owners

Do you like to express your personality?

Most people do, especially when it..

Chris Hubbard
Realtors Have No Doubt About It: Hardwood Floors Help Sell Homes

Ask anyone in the hardwood floor industry and they’ll tell you that hardwood..

Rod Lorenz
Just ask my Mom—timeless is good.

Back in 1970, my Mom got a new watch. When she saw it, she was in a good mood,..

Chris Hokansson
Hardwood Floors Are Good for Your Health.

There are many reasons for choosing a hardwood floor, they look great and can..

Rod Lorenz
Wood is good according to renowned environmentalist - and we agree.

In this article in Hardwood Floors Magazine, internationally renowned..

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