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Chris Hubbard
Borders & Medallions: Kicking Hardwood Floors up a Notch

One of the great appeals of custom hardwood flooring is its distinctiveness,..

Chris Hubbard
Giving Hardwood Floors a Makeover

Remember how great your finished wood floors looked when they were new? Take a..

Chris Hubbard
To Get the Look You Want, Pay Attention to How Hardwood Flooring Is Cut

As trees are harvested and milled into hardwood flooring planks, the way in..

Chris Hubbard
Reclaiming the Past: Old Barn Beams Make Great Hardwood Floors

If you travel around rural America, you’ll see plenty of abandoned old barns..

Chris Hubbard
Walking on the Past: Hardwood Floors That Look Timeworn

Finished hardwood floors that have been made to look rustic, old, and worn are..

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