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Rod Lorenz
Why Would You Choose to Refinish Your Floors?

Hardwood floors can last a very long time with proper care. But that doesn’t..

Rod Lorenz
A Ralph's Makeover

In February, Ralph’s Hardwood Floors announced the winner of our “Ugliest..

Chris Hubbard
Buying New Floors? 6 Things to Look for in a Hardwood Floor Company

Having a great-looking hardwood floor installed involves two basic elements:

Chris Hubbard
To Refinish or Replace Hardwood Flooring? 3 Key Issues to Consider

Even the best finished hardwood flooring starts to look worn out over time...

Chris Hubbard
5 Reasons Why DIY Refinishing Can Be a Big Mistake

Maybe it's because of the emergence of do-it-yourself websites and countless..

Chris Hubbard
No dust, no fuss. Sanding hardwood floors doesn't have to be messy.

If you’ve decided to install sand-on-site hardwood floors in your home, or if..

Chris Hokansson
When to refinish your hardwood floor.

Years ago you installed hardwood floors. They were stunning and added visual..

Chris Hokansson
Understanding the benefits of dustless sanding.

The idea of dustless sanding sounds like a fantasy but it is real and has real..

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